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Welcome to Visual Concepts Photography, located in Davidsonville, MD where corporate headshots and branding portraits are our specialty.


“Visual Concepts is a place where the every-day woman is transformed into a Vanity Fair model for the day and in turn has been empowered by her image.  It is here where she falls in love with herself all over again and greets the world with confidence, love of self and a renewed spirit!” ~Linda McCarthy

Your Personal Headshot

We cater to the Greater Annapolis, MD area including Davidsonville, Edgewater, Gambrills, Crofton, Odenton, South County, Severna Park, Arnold and Pasadena.  We also cater to Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and the Eastern Shore. Our home studio and custom-designed gardens are the perfect place to create your unique look. Our studio has the most beautiful natural light that flatters your face!  We are well known for our natural light studio but also have strobe lights for those rainy days.  You will have many areas to choose from to create your own look.  Most studios simply have a studio.  Most photographers who shoot on location, use the location.  We at, Visual Concepts Photography, have both to offer you which separates us from our competition.  From our gorgeous loft studio, to our southern front porch, designed gardens and neighbor’s barn, all of these options are available to you.  You are not limited to one place which is why so many of our clients are so excited to have their headshot done on location.

In-Person Consultation

Your headshot is unique to YOU!  That is why it is so important to have an in-studio complimentary consultation where we review your portrait needs, go over our portfolio and investment guide and give you a tour of our studio and gardens.  You will love the care and attention you receive throughout the entire process.  Each signature look includes professional makeup artistry, guided posing instruction and masterful retouching to truly help you look your best.  Remember:  It’s all about YOU!!

Professional Branding Portraits

elegant women portraits

Are you wanting to taking your headshot to the next level?  Professional Branding Portraits is the perfect answer for the business woman on the rise!!!  As with your personal headshot, we start with your in person consultation to help you create a vision for you and your business.  Let us custom-design a full portrait session for you that will be ultra creative and create gorgeous images that are truly unique, one-of-a-kind and will definitely make you stand out from your competition.

Our clients have used their images on their website, marketing materials, cover book photo and political marketing pieces!!

During  your consultation, we will discuss various topics such as wardrobe, lighting, designed sets and all the elements that are necessary for you to see your vision come to life!


It is the first impression your potential client will get.  You must look the part; you must look professional.  That image may be a deal breaker that could either cost you or win you the job/the client/the part…

A clean, contemporary portrait will set yourself from your competition.  Your potential client/employer will more likely want to know more about you when they see a professional, up-to-date portrait of yourself.

You don’t like being photographed.  Your don’t like your image.  Let the professional do the job of creating an image that you will like.  That’s what you hire a professional for; every professional photographer should guarantee that you will love the results.  If not, then you need to find a good professional photographer who will listen to you and create the image that you want.

Dating sites are the “go to” place to find a potential partner.  Your professional image will put you to the “top of the list”!!  Anyone who goes through the process of hiring and paying a professional photographer for a professional portrait for a dating site says that they are serious about finding a potential partner.  That alone goes a long way.

Have you looked lately at some of the images that you see on social media?  If not, take a look.  Get yourself noticed by having a professional portrait done of yourself to represent who you are. and fulfill #1 on this list..create a good first impression.  Do you want to be photographed in a casual setting?  In a studio?  Are you an actor and want to portray that?  Are you a customer service rep?  A real estate agent?  Convey to your photographer the look you are going after; check out images that appeal to you and share them.  The more you communicate with your photographer on the look you are going after, the more likely you will get an image that will separate you from your competition.

Let’s face it; time doesn’t stop.  You are getting older; therefore, make sure that your image reflects who you are.  If you are still posting that image done 10 years ago, you know it’s time to update your image.  Getting older simply means your facial features have changed.  A professional photographer should bring out your best qualities and create a beautiful image of you that you that reflects who you are.  Images should be updated at least once a year.  This goes hand-in-hand with #3..get out of your own way.

A great head shot will make you feel good about yourself.  It boosts your self-confidence which will affect how you feel and look on a daily basis.  Don’t believe me?  Look at your current headshot?  Love it?  Hate it?  You decide.

Let’s say a company wants to feature you on their blog and ask for a professional portrait of you.  Do you have one ready to give them?  If not, you will be scrambling at the last minute to find a professional photographer who may or may not deliver.  Don’t be that one person who leaves it up to chance; you many never know when opportunity comes knocking on your door!  Make it a priority each year to have your professional portrait updated.

Visual Concepts Photography located in Davidsonville, Greater Annapolis area prides itself on personalized contemporary corporate head shots for the business person. Please click here to receive more information or call 410 626 7474 today!

Our studio is conveniently located off Route 50 and is easily accessible from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD.  For more information, please call 410-626-7474 or message us on Facebook!


Visual Concepts | Davidsonville, MD