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Since I get to photograph the most amazing clients at my studio located in the Greater Annapolis area, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you a little of their background and some of their images so you the reader can get to know them! Look for my “Client of the Month” which will feature some great women and men in our area!  Should you reach out to them, please let them know that you read about them here!


Meet Theresa, Premier Real Estate Agent in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County!  Theresa is an extraordinary woman who will take care of all your real estate needs from the time of the consult to the closing. I am sure you will enjoy the interview as much as I did.

In order for her to separate herself from her competition, we did a branding photo session at our studio located in the Greater Annapolis area and the first item on the agenda was Theresa with her bike!  Yes, she rides.  This has become her trademark image!!

Let’s talk about your journey; tell us something about yourself and what led you to real estate.

As a young child I was surrounded by general contractors, builders and engineers. I tease and say that I grew up with Dirt People! On many Sunday afternoons it wasn’t uncommon to drive by a job site that my grandfather was working on or to take a walk with the family on a property my father was designing to be used as a commercial building site. Family gatherings always ended up with the men sharing crazy stories about foremen and their crew doing something outlandish on a project or the shenanigans of business owners as their buildings were being constructed. Blueprints covered our dining room table and like children in “time out” rolls of blueprints stood in the corners waiting to be red lined with revisions and comments.

One year of college in North Carolina made me realize that I enjoyed working more than studying so I came back to Maryland to work for my father’s civil engineering firm. Dad was a demanding employer and also had a reputation for being a “hot head” with the building inspector’s office at the county offices. One day he sent me in to the Fire Department with plans to be reviewed and approved, and the gentleman reviewer went on and on about how it must be tough working for such a hot head boss. I smiled and agreed with him, and he continued to make snide comments while reviewing the drawings. He finally gave his signature for approval with one final comment about Dad. I looked at him with my approved drawings tucked under my arm and said, “Yes, you’re right. He IS a hot head, and the worst part is he’s my Dad!”. If you could’ve seen his face. Shall we say it was a hilariously funny moment? I didn’t care what he said because I needed that signature, and I got it! That job taught me how to have grace under fire, in the office and out.

Working for my dad gave me great experience designing commercial buildings, exposure to different types of properties, an understanding of zoning ordinances, how to research properties in land records and geographic familiarity of Prince George, Montgomery and Anne Arundel county subdivisions, neighborhoods and their unique demographics.Through the years, I have watched fields become neighborhoods, shopping malls and townhouse communities, and I’m proud to say some of them are the result of my work! I love this area and the people who live here, and because I’ve lived here all my life I know quite a few folks. My friends call me the “Kevin Bacon” of Anne Arundel County!

As children do, I had to leave my father’s employ and experience other things. Almost every job I have had since has been in sales. My last job was selling advertising for a small local paper where I sold almost a half million in ads in one year. I love a challenge, but truly love helping people get what they want by educating and coaching them along the way which is why being a real estate agent is a perfect fit for me.

What is the one thing that people should know about buying and selling their home but don’t?

There are over 180 things an agent has to take care of in a regular transaction. It’s not surprising that Buyers and Sellers become so emotional during the sale/purchase of their home because there are so many things that can go wrong. It’s our job to orchestrate the transaction to ensure it runs smoothly, and most people don’t realize the importance of the timeline. EVERYTHING relies on the next person in that timeline doing their job to ensure that the appropriate paperwork gets where it’s supposed to be, inspections and reports are delivered in a timely fashion, repairs are made, etc. There are so many moving parts – it’s like a paper symphony!

There are many agents in the area. How do you separate yourself from your competition?

This business is relational and trust is everything. My clients tell me things that their mothers don’t even know! It’s easy to relate to me because of my journey. In my lifetime, I’ve held blue and white collar jobs, owned a few businesses and have been involved in my community. I’ve raised 3 children, gone through the throes of divorce, moved several times and downsized after the children left. As a military mom I have endured the sadness, fear and stress as my children enlisted to become soldiers, and watched as they packed their belongings into a few duffel bags to board a carrier plane to travel thousands of miles away to fight overseas in a foreign land. So, I ask you, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who has walked down the same roads you have?

If someone wants to reach you, how would they go about doing it?

Luckily my exposure to marketing and advertising with the newspaper gave me enough business savvy to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and my website You can reach me by texting or calling me at 443-254-1072 or e-mail me at It will be an honor to serve you and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Check out this 23 second video featuring Theresa.  Images were taken at our studio conveniently located in the Greater Annapolis area off Route 50 serving all areas including Baltimore, Eastern Shore, DC, Virginia and surrounding towns.