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As you know, we are a family photography in Davidsonville, Maryland serving the Greater Annapolis area as well as Baltimore, Washington, D.C., the Eastern Shore and beyond. We are currently practicing self-isolation and social distancing and are camped out at our farmhouse home/studio during these uncertain times.  We decided to write a short blog on how to get great family photos while you are at  home with your family.  No doubt you have heard the words, “we are bored.” One activity that can keep your children happy and engaged is a lifestyle family portrait session.  Here are some tips on creating beautiful family memories:

  1. Dress code: try to keep the color scheme cohesive.  If you mix patterns with stripes, for example your eye won’t know where to look. Please click here for some samples.
  2. Pick a place that isn’t too distracting. (Make sure you tidy up first 😉
  3. Lighting is paramount that will make or break a photo. Instead of placing your children in front of the big window, make them face the window. The light will fall evenly and naturally on them and there won’t be dark shadows. Just make sure the background is not distracting. Watch where the light falls in your home. Light is best in the early morning or late afternoon.
  4. If you decide to photograph them in front of the window like the example below, make sure you have a reflector bouncing light back to your subjects. Click here for a tutorial on how to make your own reflector.
  5. Have them look at you for the first few clicks and don’t hesitate to let them cut loose. That’s when you will get goofy, fun photos of them.
  6. Place your subject slightly off center in the viewfinder. It is almost always a more pleasing photo and not so static.
  7. Have your children photograph each other.
  8. Photograph them during an activity such as playing a board game, playing outside, helping in the kitchen, making their bed (??), reading, brushing their teeth…the list is endless. As long as they let you!!
  9. Have them photograph you as you go about your day. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening…all these activities are worthy of being recorded. You need to exist in photos for them. What a wonderful memory you are preserving for years to come!!! Better yet, make sure Dad photographs YOU with your children doing daily activities and chores!

Have them write a daily journal about their experience. Doesn’t have to be long.

And finally print them out and create a beautiful pictorial essay with their own words for them to enjoy for years to come.

I would love to see your children’s creative work. Send your images to and I will be happy to post them!!

And finally we are considering teaching a kids photography course via webinar. If this is something your children would like, please click here and we will get in touch. If we have enough participants, we will plan out a course designed for children ages 9 – 14.