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Why Professional Beats DIY When It Comes to Your Headshots

Why Professional Beats DIY When It Comes to Your Headshots

by Linda McCarthy

When everyone has a camera on their cell phone—and often a pretty decent one—it can be easy to think you don’t need professional photos for anything and certainly not for your headshots. Can’t a friend just snap a good picture of you with their iPhone in Portrait Mode?

Well, you certainly could ask your friend to take your headshot, but if that friend is not a professional photographer, you definitely won’t get an image that conveys the right impression of you and your personal or professional brand.

If you choose to get professional headshots, you should do them right—hire a professional who can help you create the images you want.

Image is everything.

Professional headshots give off an impression of organization and expertise that a selfie or blurry photo from your company party just doesn’t. Whether you’re job hunting or trying to promote your own business, you want to give off the best possible impression with your headshot.

Think of your headshot as your own personal logo. It’s the quickest and simplest way to get noticed by everyone from potential employers to prospective clients. You wouldn’t sketch out a sloppy logo and post it to your social media and website. You’d hire a professional to create a logo that represents your company and the work you do. Shouldn’t you take the same time and care with your headshot?

A professional can get you the results you want.

Anyone can snap a quick photo, but if you want a high-quality image, then you need a professional headshot photographer. A pro knows their craft, everything from composition to lighting to editing your images, and they’ll ensure that you get the photos you want.

After all, you want people to hire you for your services because you’re a professional and the best at what you do. The same is true for your headshots: hire someone who has the skills and expertise to do the job and do it well.

Invest in your professional growth.

More than a financial investment, professional headshots are an investment in your future, whether it’s your career or a growing company you started yourself. Quality, eye-catching images can create a solid first impression for potential employers or clients who look you up and can even make them more likely to trust you and connect with you.

Professional headshots are about so much more than having an image for your LinkedIn or other social media profiles. They’re about putting your best face forward as you network and connect with potential employers and prospective clients, and a professional photographer can help you do that!

Visual Concepts Branding Photography provides professional headshots and branding  services for your business from our conveniently located studios on Route 424 in Davidsonville, MD, with easy access from the Greater Annapolis area, Baltimore and Washington, DC.  We can also provide on-location shoots.

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Why Personal Branding Photography Is a Must

Why Personal Branding Photography Is a Must

by Visual Concepts Branding

If you’ve ever scrolled through the website or Instagram of a favorite influencer or brand, you may have noticed something that stands out: Their photos look amazing! That’s because the best brands recognize the importance of having authentic, high-quality images to represent their business.

Your brand is more than a logo or a color scheme. It’s what you offer and provide to your clients—how you can make their lives a little bit better. Your branding imagery shouldn’t be stock photos or quick images shot on a cell phone, but professional images that evoke emotion and trust.

If you’ve never had a professional branding photoshoot for your business, you’re missing out! There are so many ways you can use the images to market your brand and draw in potential clients.

You only have one chance at a first impression

The world moves faster all the time, and most people won’t spend too much time browsing a brand’s social media or website before they decide if they want to work with them. If a potential client visits your website or Instagram and just sees generic stock photos or grainy images, they’re more likely to look for someone else to meet their needs.

Professional, personalized branding images not only set you apart—they tell the story of who you are and what you have to offer. The way you present yourself and your brand in your images lets clients know exactly what to expect if they choose to work with you. And if your photos are authentic and stunning, they’ll be eager to sign up for the chance to talk to you!

Build trust through genuine images

A personal branding photoshoot is the perfect way to express your values and mission visually. Many people are visual learners, and while it’s also important to have written content on your website, your photos should express your identity in seconds. Authentic branding images allow visitors to feel a connection with you.

Genuine imagery also allows potential clients to develop a sense of trust in you—without ever having met or spoken to you! Professional photos encourage confidence and let anyone who sees them know that you care about your business and how you present yourself to your world. They can trust that you will care about them just as much and provide them with the products or services they need.

Demonstrate what makes you unique

The goal of personal branding photography is to show off what makes you different from your competitors. This can be what you offer to your clients, but it can also simply be you! As the face of your brand, you are the person people want to connect with. Most visitors to your website or social media profiles are looking for the face behind the business, the person they would speak with and work with if they booked your services.

Strong brand imagery gives these potential clients a solid reason to care about your brand and what you have to offer. By telling your story through personal branding photos, you’re inviting everyone—current and future customers alike—to be a part of that story.

Increase leads and sales

Professional photography not only makes your brand and website look better—it can also have a huge impact on your sales. Authentic imagery that tells the story of your brand can help improve your conversion rates and encourage more visitors to your website to take the next step and contact you or book your services.

Branding photography is versatile too. You can use it to update your website, but you can also use those images to boost your social media presence. Instead of struggling to come up with photos for your Instagram posts, you’ll have a whole library of images to choose from! By posting professional images regularly, you can increase your following on social media, expanding your audience and letting more people know about what you offer.

Personal branding photography is an investment in you and your business—a way to let the world know that you’re serious about making a difference and providing products and services that people will love. When you have authentic personal branding images that tell your story, more people will want to listen to what you have to say—and what you say is worth hearing!

Looking for a professional headshot or branding session?  Look no further than Visual Concepts Branding Photography.  We provide sole proprietors and small and large businesses with the highest-quality headshot and branding images to help them to grow their businesses.  Our farmhouse studio and gardens are conveniently located on Rte. 424 in Davidsonville, MD, with easy access from the Greater Annapolis Area, Howard County, Southern Maryland,  Baltimore and Washington DC.  We can also do on-location shoots with our portable studio equipment in the greater Baltimore/Washington area, and even on the Eastern Shore.     

Check out our blog on Five Reasons Why You Need Professional Headshots:

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Tips on How To Take Better Family Lifestyle Photo Sessions

children photos Annapolis

As you know, we are a family photography in Davidsonville, Maryland serving the Greater Annapolis area as well as Baltimore, Washington, D.C., the Eastern Shore and beyond. We are currently practicing self-isolation and social distancing and are camped out at our farmhouse home/studio during these uncertain times.  We decided to write a short blog on how to get great family photos while you are at  home with your family.  No doubt you have heard the words, “we are bored.” One activity that can keep your children happy and engaged is a lifestyle family portrait session.  Here are some tips on creating beautiful family memories:

  1. Dress code: try to keep the color scheme cohesive.  If you mix patterns with stripes, for example your eye won’t know where to look. Please click here for some samples.
  2. Pick a place that isn’t too distracting. (Make sure you tidy up first 😉
  3. Lighting is paramount that will make or break a photo. Instead of placing your children in front of the big window, make them face the window. The light will fall evenly and naturally on them and there won’t be dark shadows. Just make sure the background is not distracting. Watch where the light falls in your home. Light is best in the early morning or late afternoon.
  4. If you decide to photograph them in front of the window like the example below, make sure you have a reflector bouncing light back to your subjects. Click here for a tutorial on how to make your own reflector.
  5. Have them look at you for the first few clicks and don’t hesitate to let them cut loose. That’s when you will get goofy, fun photos of them.
  6. Place your subject slightly off center in the viewfinder. It is almost always a more pleasing photo and not so static.
  7. Have your children photograph each other.
  8. Photograph them during an activity such as playing a board game, playing outside, helping in the kitchen, making their bed (??), reading, brushing their teeth…the list is endless. As long as they let you!!
  9. Have them photograph you as you go about your day. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening…all these activities are worthy of being recorded. You need to exist in photos for them. What a wonderful memory you are preserving for years to come!!! Better yet, make sure Dad photographs YOU with your children doing daily activities and chores!

Have them write a daily journal about their experience. Doesn’t have to be long.

And finally print them out and create a beautiful pictorial essay with their own words for them to enjoy for years to come.

I would love to see your children’s creative work. Send your images to and I will be happy to post them!!

And finally we are considering teaching a kids photography course via webinar. If this is something your children would like, please click here and we will get in touch. If we have enough participants, we will plan out a course designed for children ages 9 – 14.



February Headshot Special

Is your headshot over a year old? Are you leaving money on the table? A professional headshot tells your prospective client that you separate yourself from your competition. It is the first thing your prospect will see!!

Take advantage of our February Special!

PREMIER HEADSHOT SESSION:  Only $295 (regularly $395)


studio session
makeup artistry
private reveal of your images
choice of 3 digital images
the session, makeup artistry, one completely retouched file of your choice.  Additional poses/files are only $99 each.

SCHEDULE TODAY – 410 353 3702  or click here.

A Gift for You . . .

Visual Concepts Photography is offering Gift Certificates for a Family Portrait Session to be used at any time in the coming year.  Purchase a session for a $100 fee and receive $200 in products !!!

Call Linda at 410-353-3702 for more information or email her at .

Supplies are limited so order yours today !  Click below for a secure transaction.

Grab Your Gift Certificate Here!
$6.00 (tax)
Total: $106.00

Headshot Special – 1/31


On Friday, January 31, we will be holding a headshot marathon at our farmhouse/studio located in Davidsonville, a short drive from Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  We are located on scenic 424 – a mere 2 miles from Route 50.

What makes us different from our competition?

We have a loft portrait studio as well as outdoor gardens and a southern front porch.  Many of our clients prefer both so that they have a variety of images to choose from when marketing themselves. Everything is custom designed with YOU in mind!!

Our headshot photography clinic offers you the following:

  • a 10-minute portrait session, the choice of studio and/or outdoor location
  • on-site preview of images for you to view and choose
  • 1 retouched high res images of your choice.

The cost is $99 (value $199!)

You have moments to make a good impression!  Make it a great one with a custom-designed shoot with you in mind in a Visual Concepts Portrait!!

To book your session, please click here.


Linda believes in living your life embracing your passion.  With that in mind, her purpose is to capture her subjects’ essence through portrait photography, creating powerful images through simplicity that speak to the soul.

Linda operates a low-volume, high-end portrait boutique studio conveniently located in Davidsonville, Maryland.  Linda specializes in family and children photography as well as elegant portrait sessions with a touch of glamour for women so that they exist in photographs for their loved ones.



HOLIDAY THEMED MINI SESSIONS (back by popular demand!!)


Mini Holiday Sessions at the Farmhouse

Visual Concepts Photography located in Davidsonville, the Greater Annapolis Area!

(Our November mini sessions booked almost immediately! We are opening up two more days! This is the perfect holiday card photo idea for your family!!)

HURRY!! Book your session today! December 7 and 8

This time of the year is really busy!! Let us take the hassle out of holiday photos this year with a holiday themed mini session at our farmhouse. We can create wonderful snowy images for you and your family in a specially created holiday theme portrait at the farmhouse. We can even create snow for you!! 

We’ve got you covered in a Visual Concepts Holiday Mini Session at the farmhouse

$175 – includes 10-15 minute session + 3 digitals and snow 😉


2nd Annual Fundraiser to Benefit The Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County




We are pleased to announce our 2nd Annual fundraiser to benefit The Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County for our family mini sessions at the farmhouse during the month of October.

Your session fee of $100 will be donated to the  Clubs and with every order you will receive 25 holiday cards as our way of saying “thank you!” for giving back to the community and helping those who are less fortunate.

Come on over to the farmhouse located in Davidsonville, a short trip from Annapolis and conveniently located off Route 50 between Baltimore and Washington, where you will have a choice of variety of locations for family portraits including our southern front porch, custom designed gardens, pond, tree swing and access to our neighbor’s strawberry farm where your children will delight in seeing the sheep and chickens and just may spot the farmer on the tractor.

Create beautiful memories for you and your family!! They will thank you for it!!


We will send you our What to Expect Guide, pricing and availability.

To learn more about The Boys & Girls Clubs of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, click here.






Linda believes in living your life embracing your passion.  With that in mind, her purpose is to capture her subjects’ essence through portrait photography, creating powerful images through simplicity that speak to the soul.

Linda operates a low-volume, high-end portrait boutique studio conveniently located in Davidsonville, Maryland.  Linda specializes in family and children photography as well as elegant portrait sessions with a touch of glamour for women so that they exist in photographs for their loved ones.


Jennifer, Wakefield,Mrs. Maryland 2019


I recently had the pleasure of photographing Jennifer Wakefield, Mrs Maryland 2019 at our studio, Visual Concepts Photography located in the Greater Annapolis and Anne Arundel County. Such a great opportunity and honor to get to know her and to photograph her. Jennifer is an inspiration to me and all that know her.  She’s the REAL DEAL!!  In her own words:

Jennifer is the reigning Mrs. Maryland International 2019, having been crowned by her husband and Mrs. Maryland International 2018 on March 2, 2019…25 years and 14 pageants is what it took before finally being crowned!! She placed 1st runner up at IJM Mom, 2nd runner up to Mrs. Maryland United States 2018 and 3rd Runner up and Mrs. Photogenic at Mrs. Maryland International 2017. She is a pageant mom to her two daughters who have both won state/regional titles, she has coached, judged and is an avid pageant enthusiast.
Community Involvement/platform: As a 6 year breast cancer survivor Jennifer’s platform is Life after treatment…breast cancer is not the end. Jennifer lends her time to the American Cancer Society volunteering weekly with their Moving Forward Together 3 and Reach to Recovery programs. Jennifer volunteers for and donated $1K to the local Central MD charity For 3 Sisters and will be speaking at their annual fundraiser the end of April 2019. Jennifer appeared on and spoke at the USA television Channel 9 in October 2018 for their inaugural Breast Cancer Awareness day. Jennifer had the distinct honor of speaking at the National Press Club in May 2018 about her journey and now volunteer with breast cancer. Jennifer is passionate about giving back to the community that was there for her during her treatment and attributes pageantry for the many opportunities given to her to reach out to the public.
Professional accomplishments: Jennifer is an Administrative Assistant for a world wide non-profit where she plans and organizes her office events.
Hobbies: Jennifer enjoys exercising with her mini goldendoodle, is excited to have been personally invited to audition for DC Fashion Week 2018, Shopping, watching Netflix, going out to eat, spending time with her husband and teenage daughters.
Family: Jennifer has been married to her husband Scott for 16 years, they have two teenage daughter’s who are 15 and 19, they live in Laurel, MD with their dog Cali and cat Bella.

As of this writing, Jennifer is competing in the 2019 Mrs. International Pageant.  To watch the competition on July 19 and 20, please see below:
Purchase on devise you watch on
Available an hour b4 show time
$20 each night
Prelims. And finals 730 pm
July 19 and 20

Congratulations, Jennifer! Know that Maryland is rooting for you all the way!! xxx


Headshot or Branding

Have you ever wondered whether you need a headshot photo session or a branding photo session? Let us tell you the difference between the two.

You own your own business and need a headshot for social media. Or do you? In order to separate yourself from your competition, you need to see your business from your prospective client’s point of view. Headshots are photos of head and shoulders only and used for business cards, social media, etc. It certainly has its place. However, I am finding that more and more small business owners need to express themselves more so that their prospective client can get a feel for who they are and their personality.

For example, here is a sample of a headshot that typcially shows the subject in a flattering pose. Great for business cards and social media profile pics.



Now lets take this same subject and shoot branding portraits for her. She wanted to portray who she was and what she does so that through these images that show body language, personality and strong connection, the viewer will resonate with her.



Image of Kathrin Shenk of Free Your Space Organizing organizes people’s homes. Can’t  you tell? Don’t these images tell a great story?

Images like this are great for organizers, home stagers, yoga instructors, health coaches, musicians, real estate agents. Let’s look at a few different ones I’ve taken over the years:

Image of Gail Nyman Group of Remax United Real Estate and her team.  I particularly love this image. Why? Because they are connecting with each other. When I view this image I see a team that is committed, professional and passionate about what they do. Isn’t that the message you would want to get across to your prospective client?


Image of a Deb Goode, A Goode Start Decorating. Again, a branding session in an environmental location can go a long way, especially when you have multiple images to choose from to use for your marketing purposes.

When looking for a service, I want to be drawn into the story. Headshots have their place; however, a branding photo session shows body language, connection and pulls the viewer in to want to know more.

Marketing dollars are best invested in stellar branding portraits because it is the very first impression you will make when a prospective client is looking for your services.

How do you want to be photographed? Headshot or branding? How do you want to represent you you are and what you do?

For more information on our services, Visual Concepts Photography, located in Annapolis, MD and serving D.C. as well as Baltimore, click here.