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I met Sara and Keith 15 years ago when they were searching for a wedding photographer to cover their Naval Academy photography in Annapolis MD. It was during the time that digital was finding its place in the photographic world but Sara wanted someone who still shot film, which I did at that time. A trusty Bronica was my workhorse coupled with a Quantum flash. Sara, Keith and I set out to discuss what they wanted in wedding portraits which included a timeless wedding album with 30 8x10s.  I’ve always loved photographing a wedding at the Naval Academy because it lends itself to beautiful backdrops and there was something magical about the rotunda that reminded every little girl of fairytales long ago.  It was an image like this that was hanging in the Naval Academy office that drew Sara to Visual Concepts Photography.  And, thus, we were able to create one for Sara and Keith.  It is one of their most treasured images of their wedding day and one that still speaks to me.  It is timeless, classic and tells a story.

Naval Academy wedding photography by Visual Concepts Photography

Time went by. I moved my studio from Annapolis to my home in Davidsonville and set a new life for myself while Sara and Keith were busy with a family of two beautiful children.  Sara and I reconnected through Facebook and we were able to capture her family through portraits on a couple of different occasions.  On one such occasion, Sara brought along her wedding album and we poured over the photographs and  immediately I was brought back to that glorious, happy day when two beautiful people were united in love.

A mother/daughter portrait done in our gardens at our studio in Davidsonville by Visual Concepts Photography
Visual Concepts Photography Family Portrait Session
candid photography of a child photographed at Visual Concepts studio in Annapolis, MD

When I last photographed Sara and Keith and their beautiful children, she told me that they are coming up to their 15th wedding anniversary. Immediately, I thought of doing a gorgeous, updated Vanity Fair photo shoot in Mahon Hall at the Naval Academy in Annapolis where I photographed Sara and her family before the wedding ceremony. Sara and Keith agreed, and on a cold, foggy Saturday morning we managed to meet up and create an updated photo session that was unique, contemporary, exciting and so much fun!!  We created wonderful memories that day that will forever be remembered in beautiful images to be handed down to their children one day.

vanity fair photo shoot Naval Academy
Photography at Naval Academy
Naval Academy photography
vanity fair photo shoot Naval Academy

We put together a short slideshow to capture their wonderful day together.  I  hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it.  To Sara and Keith, Happy Anniversary and I wish you many, many years of happiness.

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