On, THURSDAY, MAY 24, we are hosting a one-day headshot photography clinic at our contemporary farmhouse studio which includes the following:


-complimentary telephone consultation to discuss the branding look you want to achieve


-Pro makeup artistry by Victoria of Natural Looks by Victoria


-1/2 hour studio and/or outdoor garden portrait session


.slideshow to view your images directly after your session


.2 high res digital images


Regular pricing is $350.  However, for this one day only headshot clinic, the price is $199, a savings of $151!!


Why update your headshot? 


1.  Personal branding is a very important part of your business and a professional portrait of you is what will make a difference in your business.  It is the first impression that a potential client will see and most often decisions are made on that basis.  I will give  you an example.  Recently, I was recommended for a commercial project and ultmately was awarded the job.  The deal breaker?  My image and my work shown on my website.  In my client’s mind, she already knew that awarding this project to my company would be a resounding success.  My branding spoke for itself.  Images play a crucial role in deciding whether or not someone will hire you.  I’ve heard potential clients say, “Oh, you are too expensive.”  Think of it this way.  IF investing in a professional headshot would award you just one job, one client, one sale would  you not agree that the investment paid for itself?


2. You will save money and time in the long run


Let’s say that you are asked to be featured in a local magazine.  This magazine needs a full-page image of you and has it’s own photographer/makeup artist that you need to book.  However, you already have your own branding images and can submit one.  This happened to one of my clients recently.  She is a high-end personal trainer and was sought out for an article in a local magazine that wanted her to use their photographer.  She said she already had an image that we had done for her and thus it saved her time and money. 


3. You can use your images in a variety of ways


Your branding images can be used in a variety of ways from social media to marketing pieces to beautiful displays used at conferences, expos, etc.  Once you have the digitals, they are yours to use for your marketing purposes.  Remember, you want to separate yourself from your competition and the first thing your potential client will see is your image.  It is a deal breaker


4. You can use it in an e-mail signature


I had a client who asked me to photograph her on her Harley Davidson.  Heck, yes!!  She uses it in her e-mail signature and it gets noticed all.the.time!!!  That’s what I call separating yourself from your competition.




Take advantange of this special!  Spots are limited so book early!!  To reserve your spot, click here.