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Have you ever wondered whether you need a headshot photo session or a branding photo session? Let us tell you the difference between the two.

You own your own business and need a headshot for social media. Or do you? In order to separate yourself from your competition, you need to see your business from your prospective client’s point of view. Headshots are photos of head and shoulders only and used for business cards, social media, etc. It certainly has its place. However, I am finding that more and more small business owners need to express themselves more so that their prospective client can get a feel for who they are and their personality.

For example, here is a sample of a headshot that typcially shows the subject in a flattering pose. Great for business cards and social media profile pics.



Now lets take this same subject and shoot branding portraits for her. She wanted to portray who she was and what she does so that through these images that show body language, personality and strong connection, the viewer will resonate with her.



Image of Kathrin Shenk of Free Your Space Organizing organizes people’s homes. Can’t  you tell? Don’t these images tell a great story?

Images like this are great for organizers, home stagers, yoga instructors, health coaches, musicians, real estate agents. Let’s look at a few different ones I’ve taken over the years:

Image of Gail Nyman Group of Remax United Real Estate and her team.  I particularly love this image. Why? Because they are connecting with each other. When I view this image I see a team that is committed, professional and passionate about what they do. Isn’t that the message you would want to get across to your prospective client?


Image of a Deb Goode, A Goode Start Decorating. Again, a branding session in an environmental location can go a long way, especially when you have multiple images to choose from to use for your marketing purposes.

When looking for a service, I want to be drawn into the story. Headshots have their place; however, a branding photo session shows body language, connection and pulls the viewer in to want to know more.

Marketing dollars are best invested in stellar branding portraits because it is the very first impression you will make when a prospective client is looking for your services.

How do you want to be photographed? Headshot or branding? How do you want to represent you you are and what you do?

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